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Airspace Management (ASM)

Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA)

The concept of the Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) was introduced in the Republic of Bulgaria in 1999.

The basic objective of FUA is the more efficient use of the airspace, meeting the needs of all civil and military users.

The FUA concept is based on three interrelated levels of civil/military co-ordination for airspace management:

  • Strategic Level 1;

  • Pre-tactical Level 2;

  • Tactical Level 3.

The strategic level of FUA is executed by a joint Airspace Management Council, under the guidance of the Minister of Transport in peaceful times and the Minister of Defence in the event of war. The Airspace Management Council is responsible for formulating the national policy on strategic airspace management, planning and establishment of flexible airspace structures, establishment of rules and procedures for pre-tactical level operations, as well as rules for co-ordination between civil and military units for air traffic management at the tactical level, etc.

The Airspace Management Cell (AMC) is the executive body of the Airspace Management Council. The AMC is a joint civil/military unit which performs activities at the pre-tactical level of FUA.

Airspace management at the tactical level is performed by an Airspace Use Coordinating Centre. Its tasks comprise the following:

  • Real time activation and deactivation of temporary segregated areas, restricted and dangerous zones and conditional routes in accordance with the approved daily Airspace Use Plan (AUP);

  • Establishment of reduced co-ordination airspace for air traffic control;

  • Real time co-ordination for joint use of the airspace.

Center for planning and allocation of airspace

Unified system for civil and military airspace management consists of three levels:

  • Strategic (level 1) Strategic level is implemented by Council for airspace management;

  • Pre-tactical (level 2) Pre-tactical level is carried out by the Center for planning and allocation of airspace;

  • Tactical (level 3) Tactical level is carried out by the civil and military air traffic management authority.

Main tasks of the Center for planning and allocation of airspace:  

  • Distributes the airspace between users in accordance with the priorities set by the Council for airspace management;

  • Determines the use of temporary alocated areas and tentative routes;

  • Prepares and makes plans for the use of airspace for the next day.

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