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The maintenance of high safety levels is the top priority of BULATSA as an air navigation services provider.

In pursuing its main tasks BULATSA adheres strictly to the approved Safety Policy. The strategic objective of the safety policy, in the framework of the organisation's vested powers, is the achievement and maintenance of safety levels whereby the absolute number of ATM related occurrences shall not increase and shall decrease, regardless of the growing volume of air traffic handled. The basic principles underlying this strategic objective are as follows:

Activities aimed at ensuring the safety of the serviced air traffic are of the highest priority for BULATSA;
Safety in air traffic services provision is the responsibility of each BULATSA employee;
BULATSA takes measures to mitigate the risks of aviation occurrences as far as practically possible and efficient;
The safety activities performed by BULATSA are proactive and preventive rather than reactive.
A Safety Programme is in place for the purpose of implementing BULATSA's safety policy. The programme is aimed at the establishment, development and operation of a Safety Management System, comprising competent experts and based on technical and financial resources, procedures, rules and objective information.

The activities related to the management of the safety system have been assigned to an independent specilialised unit directly subordinated to the BULATSA Director General.

ATM Occurrence Safety Report

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