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BULATSA Training Centre

he BULATSA Training Centre has been established for training and maintenance of the operational competency of the air traffic controllers (ATCOs). It is located at the Common National Air Traffic Control Centre (CNATCC) in Sofia.
The Training Centre was certified by the Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Bulgaria in 2000 and provides the following courses:

Initial Training

Aerodrome Control
Approach Radar Control
Area Radar Control
Competence Training
Transitional training
Pre-on-the-Job Training (Pre-OJT)
Conversion Training
Refresher Training
Training for unusual/emergency situations
Theoretical courses for provision of new ratings and endorsements
Instructor on-the-job training (OJTI Training)
Training for the implementation of new ATM systems, techniques and procedures.

Furthermore, the BULATSA Training Centre provides real time simulations upon introducing changes in the sectorisation of the airspace of the Republic of Bulgaria. These simulations are also aimed at the optimisation of the route network (RNAV).
The BULATSA Training Centre is equipped with two Radar Simulators for training purposes:

The FIRST Plus Radar Simulator having 4 (four) controller working positions and 8 (eight) pseudo pilot working positions, including a two-dimensional (2D) TWR Simulator;
The SATCAS Radar Simulator, used for familiarization of ATCOs with the new ATM System and for Area and Approach Radar training.
Both Simulators can be configured for different ATC environments, tasks and scenarios.
The training at the BULATSA Training Centre is provided by highly-qualified instructors, licensed by the Civil Aviation Administration of Bulgaria, who have passed the required instructor courses for provision of ATCOs' training. The BULATSA Training Centre offers modern facilities for hotel accommodation and other related services.

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