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he high level qualifications required for the operational staff (ATCOs, engineers and technical personnel) are of great importance for ensuring the safety of air traffic services in the airspace of the Republic of Bulgaria. The staff's professional qualifications are maintained and improved in compliance with the standards set up by international aviation organisations (ICAO and EUROCONTROL).

BULATSA operates advanced technology and equipment in terms of communication, navigation and surveillance aids in order to perform the tasks assigned by the State and to ensure the safety of operations. The unique technological equipment and the need to ensure its great reliability require highly specialised qualifications for engineers and technicians.

A proficiency in English is a key enabler for the high quality performance of the tasks by the operational staff. Considering the significance of the language skills BULATSA provides courses in General English and Aviation English for the operational staff in Bulgaria and abroad.

The advanced specialised training for the operational staff is conducted at BULATSA's Training Centre, licensed by the Bulgarian Civil Aviation Administration with the Ministry of Transport. The Training centre is equipped with state-of-the-art technical facilities. The training programmes have been developed in compliance with international standards and recommended practices in the field of aviation training and have been approved by the Bulgarian Civil Aviation Administration.

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