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Varna ATS Centre

The Varna Airport ATS Centre (Varna ATS Centre) is a structural unit of BULATSA providing air traffic services in the Terminal Control Area (TMA) and in the Control Zone (CTR) of Varna Airport. The Varna ATS Centre ensures, operates and maintains in accordance with the standards and recommended practices of ICAO the equipment and systems used in the communication, navigation, surveillance, aeronautical-informational, meteorological, and energy provision of flights and the supporting infrastructure.

In performing its operations the Varna ATS Centre interacts with BULATSA Headquarters, Burgas Airport ATS Centre, Sofia Area Control Centre, the Airspace Management Cell, the Varna Airport Operator and with other organizations in line with their competences.

The Varna ATS Centre is structurally made up of the following 3 divisions: Operations, Operational Systems, and Finance, Accounting and Administration.

The ATS units of the Varna ATS Centre are the Aerodrome Control Tower (Varna TWR) and the Approach Control unit (Varna APP).

Varna TWR and Varna APP are equipped with a new automated ATM System, the SATCAS V.2 System, which possesses a number of functionalities that make it one of the most advanced ATC systems in Europe.

Varna TWR provides procedural air traffic services in Varna CTR, including aerodrome traffic control, flight information service and alerting service.

Varna APP provides radar air traffic services in Varna TMA, including approach control service, flight information service and alerting service.

About 11,000 movements were controlled at Varna Airport in 2011, mostly during the high summer season.

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